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Re: Re: can we find a Debian solution for Bootsplash?


I see both concepts as not perfect: bootsplash or rhgb.

Bootsplash is based on the framebuffer and needs kernel patches, that
will never go into the official kernel.

And RHGB (RedHat Graphical Boot) depends on an X Server, that is not
available early in the boot process.

So my question was: Wouldn't it be easy to write a program, that looks
like rhgb, but is based on the framebuffer device. Compiled statically
it should even be small enough to fit on an initrd.

The communication should be done by a pipe, so you can simply
echo "0 Starting" > ...
echo "10 Setting hostname" > ...
echo "30 Starting networking" > ...
echo "100 Ready" > ...
echo "101" > ...
More than 100% or any keypress will close the graphical boot screen.

There is a good screenshot of rhgb available, which I used to positions
the elements:

I've attached my simple implementation. It depends on the three graphics
(*.png) and an monospace 12 "font.ttf".


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