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yast2 dependancies

Hello all,

I have been "lurking" following this yast thread since its start several months ago.  First of all, thanks for the work that you all have done to start this project.  I personally think debian needs this (yast) or something like it for the desktop.  There are too many ways to configure things now, and each package seems to have things it doesn't configure well, if at all.

Anyways,  I am working on a debian-based distribution called Paragon Linux.  I have been working on it for right at a year now.  I am working with the "Componentized Linux" group headed by Ian Murdock.  I am developing a KDE component for my desktop, and am running into some serious issues with the anaconda installer that Jeff (primarily) has ported over from RedHat.  It depends very heavily on the gnome libraries (makes sense because of how heavily RedHat utilizes Gnome).  So much so that it basically becomes un-realistic to not include Gnome in my disribution currently.  This adds a lot of bulk to the distro (around 850-900 megs total now) plus I have to spend a lot of time working on the gnome side of things.

I am interested in moving away from Gnome and concentrating exclusively on KDE as the windows manager for Paragon.  As such, I will need a new installer.  Now I understand that you all haven't ported the installer part of Yast, however I am hoping that someone will know what kind of denpendancies are required by it (the installer and the control center).  I might be able to work on the installer part of Yast if it fits what I am looking for.

Also, just out of curiosity, what is Yast coded in?



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