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Re: [YaST2] IRC-Summary and Co

El mar, 01-02-2005 a las 15:01 +0100, Mario Fux escribió:

> Todo:
> Jaldhar wanted to start some initial work on packaging it to make things 
> easier for any further volunteers. 
> Ramon wanted to work on the ntp module and qt module of yast2 and trying to 
> understand the yast2 language.
Yes, but finally, and before network related modules, I was trying to
make the user management module to work with no success. There are some
obscure problems which I'll try to solve in the next weeks with
(hopefully) the help of the guys at SuSE.

> He also wanted to send a qt-screenshot of YaST2 on debian.
That will come later ;-)

I'm glad to read from you again :-)


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