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[YaST2] IRC-Summary and Co

Good morning

Following some information about the YaST2 for Debian project.

Summary of the IRC-meeting (18th of december 2004):
Ramon, Jaldhar and Mario were at the meeting.
Ramon told that he had a first yast screen (ncurses).
We agreed that we want to work together with SuSE/Novell as close as possible.
The status was that we are at e point where yast was compiled in debian.
We also talked about the rpm dependency and want we can or want to do.
YaST2 has a special own language we talked about and were searching for some 
We talked about an apt and deb-src repository at alioth.
We agreed to stay with our discussion on debian-desktop for the moment.

Jaldhar wanted to start some initial work on packaging it to make things 
easier for any further volunteers. 
Ramon wanted to work on the ntp module and qt module of yast2 and trying to 
understand the yast2 language.
He also wanted to send a qt-screenshot of YaST2 on debian.
I wanted to ask Klaus Kaempf (head of YaST2 development) about the YaST2 
language and why there was rpm everywhere. And a first yast4debian homepage 
with FAQ and Co.

I'm in contact with Klaus Kaempf and he told me the following about the rpm 
rpm stuff should be only in the core (with some small exceptions). 
seeing if packages are available (rpm -q <packagename>) which should be 
packaged via Require::IsPackageInstalledPkg(...).
Further the yast2 team seems to be interested to work together (as time makes 
it possible).
The homepage should be ready in a few days.

What is the status of the debian packages (Jaldhar) or the ntp (later user) 
module and the qt screenshot (Ramon)?


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