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Re: Debian GNOME theming

Maybe we should give the possibility to choose "styles". I mean, debblue (deblue.debian.net) is actually quite complete, except widget styles. I know absolutely nohing about theming and debian packaging, but would like to help. Can someone recommend any howtos/tutorials?

Thomas Jollans

there is a package called galternatives that chooses the gtk theme to be default. There would be nice to include also e debian-desktop package some script for make this choice, but in a general vision (gtk/kde default splash, wallpapper, bootsplash theme and grub/lilo theme), width the option to choose a custom one. The use of hard links (ln -s) can do this job right, replacing the current default links, not?
One theme should contain everything.


for example ...

Another item is the user space slash for the boot ... how is the work on that going?

Luis Matos

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