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Re: IRC-Chat this weekend?

Am Donnerstag, 16. Dezember 2004 09.47 schrieben Sie:
> Hi Mario,


> I owe you and other guys an excuse.. I'm reading the mail list from time
> to time, and know for all successes that you made - well done :-)) But
> before 2 weeks I've been promoted and the work growing constantly,
> that's why I can't say anything yet - can I participate and when :-/


> > Will you have time for an IRC meeting this weekend (18th or 19th of
> > December)?
> Unfortunately I'll miss the IRC meeting too :-|
> But I'll be really thankful if you make IRC log for me, so I would be
> able to participate in future with "full strength".. I can't promise
> (but I've great wish to do) that I will have time to help with anything,
> but I really hope that during the holidays my bosses will "leave me
> alone" and I'll be able to do some things for fun (I take a part of few
> FOSS projects, not only this)

We hope too ;-).

> :-)))

I'll make a log which I'll send you.

For the others: Which time do you prefer?

I'm not sure with the time shifting. Am I right that europe (most of it) has 
+1 and you (Jaldhar) have -5.

What do you think of 11 p.m. (6 p.m. for Jaldhar)?

> Kind regards
> Rumen


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