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Re: fbsplash: introducing fbplash in debian (howto)

On Saturday 30 October 2004 19:06, Luis M wrote:
> On Sat, 30 Oct 2004 19:22:32 +0200, website <website_debian@tiscali.it> 
> > On Saturday 30 October 2004 17:47, Luis M wrote:
> <snip>
> > > * Go into "super silent" mode where fbsplash/debsplash would NEVER
> <snip>
> > Please contact the developers before send a message like this to the ml.
> > How you must know, this "super-silent-mode" exists. It is done by a line
> > in the config file.
> Uh? Who? I'm sorry. Don't see why. We need people to help; and the
> only way we can do this is by creating some interest. Letting others
> know what we are doing makes this possible.
> I didn't know super-silent is there. I have yet to find this. I read
> the whole kernel patch and didn't see it.

look at the debsplash.conf file in script/:
# should we drop to verbose mode on initscript errors? (yes/no)

> As an example of what I mean, this is one way that this can definitely
> work:
> 1. admin downloads debsplash-utils and kernel-patch-debsplash
> 2. admin downloads kernel sources from kernel.org or debian's
> kernel-source-* packages
> 3. admin re-compiles kernel after patching it with almost the same
> .config file (copied from /boot/config-* or /proc/config.gz) and a
> "make oldconfig" that's done by make-kpkg for you (or my own
> interactive make-kpkg.sh for those who don't know much about how this
> works; or don't care to know)
> 4. admin enables bootlogd in /etc/default/bootlog
> 5. admin generate initramfs with debsplash-utils
> 6. admin edits grub/lilo configuration files to pass the needed initrd
> and kernel arguments to the kernel at boot time
> 7. reboots

Why not choose?
some points can be deleted for me:
1)download or compile a kernel patched for fbsplash (.deb of the kernel is 
alredy done at the v 2.6.8, and you did the kernel patch for everyone that 
wants to compile a custom kernel)
2)download and install debsplash-utils
3)install the theme that you want to use
----> it will debsplash-utils will make the initramfs image and will patch 
and the it works correctly.
now point 1 is quite finished, also point 2 (debsplash-0.1 is already 
released, see ftp) and i'm working in point 3 

> What should happen then is:
> 1. system goes into supersilent mode with progressbar
> 2. debsplash takes over the screen (graphical mode) and it reads
> /var/log/boot for current state of the boot progress. Then it updates
> the progressbar accordingly.
> 3. if fsck is detected in boot log, then it creates another smaller
> progressbar clearly label (System checking drive N). And it will do
> this for all other fsck processes recursively

For do this, we need to modify the kernel patch called fbsplash, if we do this 
you should be sure that you will grow up the work with new kernels

> 4. If at any point user gets desperate and hits F2, he/she will be
> drop in the standard "verbose" mode

> > It is fake again. To implements it we need to hack the standard init
> > process
> Not true. Refer to my arguments above. There is NO need to change the
> initrc scripts. Perhaps only to introduce a new one that will need to
> go in /etc/rcS.d with a very early number (but not too early). And
> this will update our progressbar as needed.
And here there is a big problem that i found in my first test, if i run the 
init script after logout it works, but if i do by symlink with /etc/rcx.d it 
doesn't work.


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