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debian desktop like a package

When i had my first deb packaging, i saw the power of this format: a compiled 
package that can sets dependencies, i thought that it was a very stable 
system to install-remove package. 
After, using debian every day, installing 
and removing packages, i noted that every package can be configurated to ask 
questions to the user to make a configuration...
Also i noted that most of desktop programs and environment (Kde, Gnome, 
Windows maker) are already supported by unstable branch of debian (this 
branch can seems dangerous but it is not). 
Why not use this features to create the debian-desktop subproject?
Give me only few minutes to explain. 
If we think on debian desktop not like a new distro, but a package, a false 
package that contains only dependencies, it can use the power of apt to solve 
the dependencies and installs a lot of useful programs (that now you need to 
add one to one) all in one package. Using this point of view i can show some 
1)it will create a desktop system just do apt-get -f install 
2) Easy to install/remove/upgrade (easy to switch between desktop - server)
3)It is still a debian system (using its stable rules)
4)Use the infrastructure that debian have
5)Customize your desktop, you can add - remove some packages that are not in 
that package
6)Easy to maintain and upgrade

Yes.. this is only a point of view, second me it is a good solution.
Please tell me if you want to try this approac, i'll built a sample debdesktop 
package to test if you'll show interest.



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