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Re: Common Desktop goals

El Martes 21 Septiembre 2004 07:54, Adrian 'Dagurashibanipal' von Bidder 
> > - Developing a gtk frontend for the new Debian installer:
> > - Working on Debian Control Center:
> Nice from the admin, but again, not necessarily urgent.

Hi, I think you are only thinking in Desktops inside a company. But I think 
this projects also cares about home desktop users (I hope so).
The home desktop user is at the same time user and administrator. So we need 
this kind of tools.

>  - Laptop support: power management should Just Work(tm)
>  - hardware detection, including multimedia buttons on keyboard and 4
> button mice etc.

I think this works fine now (mostly).

>  - Fonts: there should at least be a metapackage so that I can install this
> and have the full unicode charset covered (as far as possible, of course)
> so that web pages in foreign scripts display reasonably. Also: devise a
> method so that fc-cache is not called 10 times when I install 10 font
> packages. Wtih many fonts installed, it takes ages...

I totally agree!.

Other aspect I think Debian should improve a lot is internationalization and 
localization. This is a really wide and deep aspect.
There should be an option in DebianControlCenter to select a system wide 
language, and this option should solve all the important matters:
- Install all necesary fonts so that you can display all your language 
characters (eg: I'm spanish, I want euro character support, etc.) Perhaps is 
a good idea prefer fonts with full unicode charsets for desktop users, as 
pointed above.
- Install all necesary i18n packages. I mean, there is no sense to need to 
install package mozilla-locale-es-es to get mozilla in spanish. Desktop users 
should don't care about this low level things! This should be automatic.
-Configure all programs to use this language preference (is not enought set up 
LANG variable, as other programs use other methods, eg KDE).
-Install localiced manpages, help, etc.



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