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Re: Common Desktop goals

On Tue, 2004-09-21 at 00:25 +0200, Bluefuture wrote:

> I think that could be some "Desktop" common goals for UbuntuLinux
> UserLinux and Debian Destkop:
My understanding was that Debian Desktop was a dead project, killed when
Colin Walters left for Red Hat.  Has it been revitalised?  Certainly the
web page hasn't changed and still suggests Colin is involved.

> - Working on Debian Control Center:
> http://wiki.debian.net/index.cgi?DebianControlCenter
I've had vague concerns about this project's focus on using debconf,
wary that this is getting pretty close to using debconf as a registry
which it isn't supposed to be at all.

The other interesting thing missing is exactly what this will let you
control, a set of requirements I would've thought would've been the
first thing they would have put together; perhaps with UI mock-ups,
before they even thought about the backends.

Personally, I'm following this project with interest, but not yet sold
on it.

> - Working on an option like "rpm -h" for dpkg system:
> This could improve usability of apt frontends like apt-watch and
> synaptic for newbie users.
I'm actually looking at overhauling dpkg entirely; apt frontends and
synaptic would simply link to libdpkg rather than invoking it on the
command-line ... they could then get whatever callback and status they

Scott James Remnant

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