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Re: Linux on the Enterprise Desktop issues

There is a Debian-Enterprise project but i don't know the state of it at
the moment. Anyway, they were using the mailing lists at userlinux.com
for the discussions (A userlinux beta is scheduled for this week)

	Ghe Rivero

El lun, 06-09-2004 a las 16:52 +0200, Adrian 'Dagurashibanipal' von
Bidder escribió:
> Hi,
> Is there a place (preferably a mailing list) to discuss issues around 
> placing Linux on the Enterprise desktop? (Comparing various products, but 
> also management / set up issues etc.) I'm probably able to migrate from 
> Windows to Linux on the desktop at $WORKPLACE. I'll be using Debian in any 
> case, but most issues will not be related to Debian and even less related 
> to the debian-desktop project as such (albeit, certainly, I'll be happy to 
> share my experiences here.)
> (My current main questions:
>  - which collaboration product?
>  - the client workstations are likely to be laptops. How to do 
> authentication, networked home dirs, etc. etc. )
> (Willing to start my own mailing list, too, if there isn't one already.)
> greetings
> -- vbi

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