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Linux on the Enterprise Desktop issues


Is there a place (preferably a mailing list) to discuss issues around 
placing Linux on the Enterprise desktop? (Comparing various products, but 
also management / set up issues etc.) I'm probably able to migrate from 
Windows to Linux on the desktop at $WORKPLACE. I'll be using Debian in any 
case, but most issues will not be related to Debian and even less related 
to the debian-desktop project as such (albeit, certainly, I'll be happy to 
share my experiences here.)

(My current main questions:
 - which collaboration product?
 - the client workstations are likely to be laptops. How to do 
authentication, networked home dirs, etc. etc. )

(Willing to start my own mailing list, too, if there isn't one already.)

-- vbi

featured product: the GNU Compiler Collection - http://gcc.gnu.org

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