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Re: Project Utopia on Debian unstable

Ramakrishnan Muthukrishnan wrote:

> When I bootup into GNOME, I see that /dev/snd/mixer  is not created.

The OSS mixer device should be located at /dev/mixer.  The /dev/snd
directory contains ALSA devices only.

> When I put a CD in, the CD player is started by the
> gnome-volume-manager, which shows that the hal/dbus/g-v-m is working
> fine. But there is no sound.

You may need to open gnome-volume-control or gnome-alsamixer and set the
level for CD, which is separate from the other playback elements.

> Am I missing anything here? Has anyone got Project Utopia working out
> of the box on debian unstable?

No problems here.

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