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Re: Desktop distribution / Desktop Install

On Sun, May 16, 2004 at 04:59 +0100, Luis Fonseca Carvalho de Matos wrote:
> It provides what we think of a desktop, based in gnome, with some groups
> of packages, to make it easy for who is installing not to install too much.
> I would like to see some coments, if it is worth to do such a thing.
> For now, the main target are newcomers to debian distribution and that 
> have problems to reach desktop and that were pleased with this. Note 
> that we recomend to stay with base-install only and then run the script.
> I was thinking in transform that script into a meta-package with some
> confs, like desktop-base, maybe criating a desktop-base-gnome.

In general, meta packages are not a good idea unless they're actually
tied to a specific group of packages (such as the Gnome meta
packages). Otherwise they can (and probably will) cause problems when
packages are migrating to testing. You should use tasks instead.

Having a package which configures other packages is difficult and will
in most cases violate policy. That will have to be done using some
other mechanism or by trying to make packages have good defaults from
the beginning, although that is not always possible.


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