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Desktop distribution / Desktop Install


Before the discussion for a desktop distribution had start here, we at
www.debianpt.org had already a list for the necessary packages for reaching a good desktop environment. (founded the desktop section http://www.debianpt.org/~desktop - not yet oficial)

I searched for such list in debian-desktop wiki, but i didn't found.
At that time, the list, and, also, a small shell script was not finished
(and it's not yet) and i remain silent, but today, after that discussion
i show you here a link, for that small list.

It provides what we think of a desktop, based in gnome, with some groups
of packages, to make it easy for who is installing not to install too much.

I would like to see some coments, if it is worth to do such a thing.

For now, the main target are newcomers to debian distribution and that have problems to reach desktop and that were pleased with this. Note that we recomend to stay with base-install only and then run the script.

I was thinking in transform that script into a meta-package with some
confs, like desktop-base, maybe criating a desktop-base-gnome.

version: 0.1
link: http://www.debianpt.org/~desktop/DesktopInstall

we have also a cvs corner, but it does not have yet a anonymous access, if you like this small project, we will tell you.

(sorry the lousy english)

Luis Matos

Hugo Monteiro

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