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Re: Preparing for the Debian Desktop Distribution, TDFASwirl

On Thu, 2004-04-15 at 16:17, Martin Loschwitz wrote:
> Good morning, evening, night or whatever applies in the location you are in
> right now :-)
> I am proud to announce that infact, all scripts needed for the Debian Desktop
> Distribution are ready and appear to work. I think for talking about the
> further steps, we should continue the meeting we postponed last time. This,
> however, should happen rather quickly ...


I am very interested on helping with anything I can, in the Debian
Desktop project. Is there any TODO list or some points to getting work?

> Any proposals for a date and a time?

May I propose Tuesday 20, April 2004, 20 GMT?


David Moreno Garza <damog@damog.net>
 PGP 356E16CD - 84F0 E180 8AF6 E8D0 842F  B520 63F3 08DB 356E 16CD

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