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Re: bootsplash as kernel binary module

On Mon, 2004-02-23 at 10:22, Christoffer Sawicki wrote:
> > I'm glad someone's working on this. This would clean up the boot
> > appearance immensely :)
> We need a better init system too...

We certainly do need something more flexible. So that we don't have to
patch rc/rcS or whatever other essential init scripts to make things
faster/better/fancier... etc...

> > > I see that the license does say "GPL" I wonder where does Xandros
> > > has the code for that in their site :-) The essence of the GPL license,
> > > got it love it... In any case documentation for how to actually use it
> > > would be better, then doing a kernel-patch-* for Debian couldn't be that
> > > hard. Now let's see how to get this to work on 2.6.x...
> Hmm, I'm not sure if I get you but they don't *have to* have the code on their 
> homepage. You could probably ask the guy who hosted the patch and ask him to 
> send you all splashFX related stuff he can find in Xandros.
> */ Christoffer Sawicki <qerub@home.se>

Well, since Xandros obviously modifies the stuff they use for their
Desktop, they must have the code published somewhere because it's
GPL'ed. That's what I meant to say. Now, if they didn't modify splashFX
at all, then they don't need to have it posted in their site, and you
are correct.

Now about the documentation for it, I tried to contact the people doing
the bootsplash patches when I started playing with that and I never ever
ever got an answer, and I was very polite when I asked. I sent more than
one emails, and I waited for months. I came to the conclusion that the
project is just stale (or dead). I got a faster response from a kernel
developer who modifies the patch for the 2.6.x when it wasn't considered
Anyway, bootsplash is bad for many reasons: done kernel space, patching
the kernel needed (no modules), initrd, no way to make 100% silent,
I want to start playing with splashFX and see what can be done since
this code seems to be so clean and so simple.

Luis M 
System Administrator/Web Developer 

If loving linux is wrong, I dont wanna be right. -- Topic for #LinuxGER 


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