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Current state of config tools and graphical installer issue

Hello everyone,

The lack of proper (GUI) config/install tools has been mentioned, and even 
though there are some nice ones out there, I have to agree. Proper drop-in 
solutions are not available.

The problem appears to be most seem too Toolkit, Desktop, Distribution or 
Application centered, and hard to extend. Now, I found out there already has 
been great work done to end this. The config4gnu (CFG) [1] project can handle 
complete config files on a per setting basis. This allows converting every 
single setting during an upgrade even when the file fomat and available 
options change. Or if you change between two altenatives, within limits of 

The cfg system point of view comes more from the system side. It's about 
overcoming the current limitations without limiting choice, and a distrubuted 
maintainable solution not only for GUIs. Instead of hardcoding for different 
applications, GUIs or distros it incorporates meta-config definitions. Only 
universal configuration frontends are toolkit dependent, nothing from CFGs 
core is application or even distro specific.

A while ago I bookmarked a message[2] about the issues with graphical 
installer and I also read some of you here want to look into it.

I see a significant relation between configuration during install and 
afterwards. What has to be configured I think should be done with the same 
kind of tool that is also a available afterwards, if one decides to change 
somthing later on.

CFG provides support for complex forms or even wizard logics to run through. 
And they are provided by the meta-config definitions!

Could anybody here also envision to bring CFG to Debian and figure out how 
Debian could benefit from it? 
Please check out their website and docs, and post how you think this relates.
This is not something to wait for, rather somthing to start experimenting with 
and getting involved with because the project has slowed down lately.

Who else checks it out and wants to collaborate?


[1]  http://freedesktop.org/Main/CFG

[2] Re: Debconf vs. graphical installer

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