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Re: 2.6.x kernel isn't userfriendly :(

Christoffer Sawicki wrote:

	Installiation (upgrading) of 2.6.x kernel isn't userfriendly! When u
yourself kernel (apt-get install) the kernel 2.6.0 do not load (atomatic)
mice modules. I think it isn't good, because most people aren't sysadmin
don't know how to use with modprobe or modconf. I think the kernel will be
more usefull if after installiation (upgr) the system ask to user "Do you
want to load mouse modules (they are needed for X-Windows-System)?" or the
system to load modules (after install) by default (to write to
or to /etc/modules.conf).


I'm afraid I don't agree with you. I believe the kernel installation is
very user friendly, it's just not maybe newbie friendly. :) An user who
can't figure out which moudules to load himself should probably just
install `discover´ and let it handle all that stuff.

(If discover can't handle mouse modules for 2.6 it should be updated.)

Is discover installed by default? A newbie wouldn't know that he/she has to install discover.

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