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Re: Creating New Derivative Volian

blake@volitank.com wrote:

> I am working on a project to create a derivative of Debian.
> as of right now I only have a fork of SELinux refpolicy where I updated
> everything to the latest release and fixed some bugs with firewalld.

It seems like both of those would be appropriate to do directly in
Debian or in the corresponding upstream projects. I expect the Debian
SELinux team would welcome new contributors, they often have trouble
keeping up with maintenance of SELinux packages. I suggest that you
send your firewalld fixes to upstream so they benefit all distros and
also to Debian so that you get fixed Debian packages sooner.

> I'll be using Debian Sids repos and then layering my own on top, what
> is the best way to ensure that my packages take precedent over the
> Debian ones?

In addition to the suggestion Jonas made, in some situations (such as
appliances), using apt pinning might be a suitable solution.




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