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Creating New Derivative Volian

Good evening,

I am working on a project to create a derivative of Debian. It will be called Volian. It's mostly a personal project and it will take a while to complete, but I'd like to do it properly if I'm going to do it. I have created the volian-team on salsa to host our changes. https://salsa.debian.org/volian-team/ as of right now I only have a fork of SELinux refpolicy where I updated everything to the latest release and fixed some bugs with firewalld. Volian is going to be very similar to Debian, at least in the start. But it will use SELinux and firewalld by default. I've read all of the documentation I could find on the Debian wiki, and the main question I still have lingering is since I'll be using Debian Sids repos and then layering my own on top, what is the best way to ensure that my packages take precedent over the Debian ones? I'm not able, at the moment, to mirror Debian and alter the packages effectively. For Example if Debian's package selinux-policy-default_2.20210203-10_all.deb and Volian's with my modifications are the same version how is best to handle this to ensure mine is used? I haven't tested it but would something like selinux-policy-default_2.20210203-10volian1_all.deb be proper and work for my needs?



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