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package information tracker similar to packages.debian.org?

Which Open Source options exist to host something similar to
packages.debian.org/nano for a Debian derivative? I.e. an APT web
frontend showing information about packages such as package short
description, long description, version number, dependencies, etc.

I already got an APT package repository (created using reprepro). All
the necessary metadata is in the APT package metadata (or deb packages).
Now looking for a tool to transform that information into html for a
decent representation on the web.

The content generator used by packages.debian.org/nano etc. itself
(which also apparently Ubuntu is using as packages.ubuntu.co/nano) seems
rather complex to setup with apache and whatnot what I would like to
avoid. [1]

Devuan's pkginfo.devuan.org looks decent. Example [2]. But I couldn't
find the source code or installation instructions for it yet.


[1] https://packages.debian.org/about/


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