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Re: How easy is to derivatives to push upstream packages changes into Debian?


for every question I didn't answer, assume I simply "+1" what
Paul wrote.

Paul Wise:
> On Wed, Nov 1, 2017 at 7:11 PM, adrian15 wrote:
>> 2) As a Derivative developer do you find yourself often in this situation?

> I find myself in this situation as both a Debian maintainer and
> derivative maintainer.

Same here. I wouldn't say "often", but it does happen.

>> Maybe you maintain your modified package in your repo?

> That is a workaround that is usually feasible as long as upstream isn't active.

We rarely have to do that on the long term for Tails, but we often do
this temporarily because we need a change we've submitted upstream
and/or to Debian, and we don't know yet how long it'll take for it to
reach Debian.

>> 3) In case you are curious here's my current bugs / patches around
>> chntpw package:

> Please tag all of these bugs with the 'patch' tag, run this:

Indeed, I do hope this helps maintainers notice there's work to review
(e.g. on the package page on tracker.d.o).


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