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How easy is to derivatives to push upstream packages changes into Debian?

1) So, there's an upstream package but this is not perfect.
So, as a derivative you try to push your changes into the upstream
software so that you don't have to maintain yourself.

Some time later you find out your changes have not accepted but you
still think they are useful for many people so you decide to push those
same changes into Debian.

Those bugs you had sent never get replied and, of course, those patches
and RFEs never get applied into Debian package itself.

2) As a Derivative developer do you find yourself often in this situation?

Is there anything additional you do in order to push your changes into

Maybe you adopt the package even if it's not an orphan package?
Maybe you maintain your modified package in your repo?
Maybe you rename/fork the package as package-ng and try to push it into
Debian as if it was a new package ?
Maybe you send an email to package maintainer so that it declares the
package orphan?

3) In case you are curious here's my current bugs / patches around
chntpw package:


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