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Re: New derivatives page on Debian website

Hello Adrian,

Le 14/05/2017 à 17:37, adrian15 a écrit :
> 0) Sorry for the late response.

No problem, I took time to reply too. :-/

> Given that Paul Wise has said:
> "These should have been completely different discussions asking much
> more specific things."
> [...]
> 1) Have you written those new messages that Pabs asked for?

No, because I didn't find what to ask specifically.

> 2) You are talking about a new page about Derivatives. Where the old
> page is then ? I cannot find any of it from www.d.o even if I visit the
> Site Map.

I talked about https://www.debian.org/misc/children-distros.html

> 3) So... About your question on how to improve
> https://www.debian.org/derivatives/

Thank you for the detailed sections. I wrote new paragraphs and add some
info in older ones.
The result is displayed at

This new draft can be compared to the current one

> 3.4.X) Company boss, Government representative, Artist,... .

I didn't add this section because I have no idea of the specific content
to include inside.

> 3.5 I'm not sure about this but I would enumerate four or five derivatives.

I wonder if it's a good idea. It's probably a good idea but where is the
limit if in the future other derivative requests to be added to the list?

If we add the list, I would suggest Ubuntu (probably the most famous
derivatives) and Tails.

What do you think about the new draft?


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