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RE: Microsoft SONiC: invitation to join the Debian derivatives census


SONiC is not a distribution.  It seems the press likes to make a big splash.

We have 'curated' a selection of applications (like quagga, netsnmpd, lldpd, redis, ansible, etc) and wrote some software (switch state service, kernel patches for device drivers, snmp agent, ansible playbooks) that runs on top of Linux (3.16 to be specific).  We currently use debian jessie, but are working to run on Open Network Linux (is it on your list as a debian derivative?) and possibly Ubuntu as well.  

We don't currently distribute a Linux kernel, we just make the patches available to the community to add the device driver support needed to control the fans, psu, leds, transceivers, etc,  that are on select network switches (dell s6000 in this case,).

Our FAQ is here:


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Subject: Microsoft SONiC: invitation to join the Debian derivatives census


I note that you are producing a software distribution based on Debian. I would like to invite you to join the Debian derivatives census, which attempts to gather detailed information about Debian derivatives that is useful to Debian, for integration of that information into Debian infrastructure and for the development of relationships between Debian and our derivatives. In addition we will be doing some QA on the data that you enter into the census.


Please direct any questions you have to the derivatives list or IRC channel. We strongly encourage you to join both of these.




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