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Re: OLPC & Debian?

On Wed, Jul 08, 2015 at 11:18:38AM +0200, Javier Hernández Antúnez wrote:
> I'm not complaining at all but, isn't having two distributions with
> the same name a bit confusing?

Thanks, yes.

The distrowatch entry for the Fedora is "OLPC OS", not "OLPC".

It was tempting to name this new one "OLPC Ubuntu Sugar", in line with
our master metapackage, but with a stretch suite that didn't seem

I also considered "OLPC Sugar", but that seemed a bit redundant.

So I went for just "OLPC", and hoped that being Debian derived it
won't be confused with the Fedora one.  Which we are continuing with
as well.

James Cameron

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