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Re: mirrors, Debian http-redirector

On Wed, May 13, 2015 at 10:29 AM, peter green wrote:

> So does raspbian (though the urls we post on the cenus page are the "main
> server only".

Interesting, thanks. I've added a "mirror tools" item to the census
template, I hope folks on this list will add it to their census pages.

> IIRC in raspbian we are currently using manually built packages

Have you considered uploading the packages to Debian?

> The main thing with mirrorbrain is you can't safely use it on the dists
> directory because of it's lack of mechanisms for correctly handling files
> that change in place. We handle this simply by serving the dists directory
> off the main server without any redirection obviously this comes at a price
> in bandwidth from the main server..

That seems like a pretty good tradeoff though, as the bulk of the data
transfer will be binary packages.

> Afaict it works on a basis of redirecting all a users traffic to a given mirror
> which means outdated mirrors are useless.

That seems like a deficiency to me, especially for installing packages
that weren't yet installed as slightly outdated mirrors are often
closer to users. I guess the redirector would have to do a bunch more
work to allow redirects to outdated mirrors though: tracking what
package versions are in what Release files and tracking what Release
files are available on what mirrors.



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