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mirrors, Debian http-redirector & derivatives

Hi all,

Some of you may have seen the announcement about the Debian http
redirector, which is a special redirector for apt repositories that was
developed to suite the needs of Debian mirroring where there are many
mirrors of varying updatedness, location and quality.


Raphael, have you considered packaging the http-redirector? There are a
number of Debian derivatives (below) who have multiple mirrors of their
apt repo and might consider using it if it were easier to install/setup.


I found the Finnix one most interesting, they have a custom system that
checks mirror status, has some sort of geoip support.
Ryan, could you share information about the technology behind this?


I note that surprisingly Kali seems to use mirrorbrain.
Mati, has Kali packaged mirrorbrain or are you using a manual setup?
Have you found any problems with using it for serving apt repositories?


Some of the URLs below are broken, hopefully folks will review their
information and fix the issues.

$ w3m -dump https://wiki.debian.org/Derivatives/CensusFull | grep 'mirrors file' | sort | uniq -c
      1 # Download binaries method: Check mirrors file link above.
     54   • mirrors file:
      1   • mirrors file: http://http.kali.org/README.mirrorlist
      1   • mirrors file: http://knopper.net/knoppix-mirrors/index-en.html
      1   • mirrors file: http://mirrors.finnix.org/
      1   • mirrors file: http://mirrors.ubuntu.com/mirrors.txt
      1   • mirrors file: http://progress-linux.org/project/mirrors/
      1   • mirrors file: http://repository.solydxk.com/mirrors.list
      1   • mirrors file: http://siduction.org/index.php?module=inhalt&func=view&pid=2
      1   • mirrors file: http://sparkylinux.org/download/
      1   • mirrors file: http://svn.ultimediaos.com/wsvn/d-i/choose-mirror/trunk/
      1   • mirrors file: http://turnkeylinux.org/mirrors
      1   • mirrors file: http://universo.canaima.softwarelibre.gob.ve/README.mirrors.txt 
      1   • mirrors file: http://www.supergrubdisk.org/category/download/rescatuxdownloads/rescatux-stable/



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