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RE: Debian derivatives census: hLinux: welcome!

Hi Paul,

> I would like to welcome yourself and hLinux to the Debian
> derivatives census! Would you like to take this opportunity
> to introduce yourself and hLinux to us all? 

Thanks again Paul for encouraging us to add our selves to the census.
I work on the hLinux distribution team at HP where I am based in Fort
Collins, Colorado. hLinux is HP's Debian Derivative used for HP's
Helion OpenStack distribution. hLinux's core purpose is to provide a
foundation operating system to build Helion on top of.

> The page says that hLinux modifies Debian binary packages. It is
> quite rare that distributions modify Debian binary packages instead
> of modifying source packages and rebuilding them. Does hLinux
> actually do this? If so could you describe what kind of
> modifications you are making? If not I guess the page needs to be
> fixed.

You are correct, I need to correct that as we do not modify binary 
packages. The only modifications to Debian packages that are made is 
the modification of some sources (e.g. lsb) and then the package is
rebuilt or the addition of new packages.

> The page is missing a dpkg vendor field. It is important that
> Debian derivatives set this properly on installed systems and
> mention the value of the field in the derivatives census.

We originally modified /etc/dpkg/origins/default to point at our own 
file that stated: "Vendor = hlinux" In doing so we discovered that 
this modified lsb_release and caused some applications to fail to
install as they were unable to determine the underlying distribution.
The prime example is OpenStack's diskimage-builder was expecting
either Debian or Ubuntu and failed with other values. Is there a
better method? Or should we instead be working with the software
vendors to not hard code specific actions based off this value?

> I'd like to thank HP (the hLinux corporate sponsor) for being a
> major sponsor of DebConf15, I expect some hLinux folks will be
> attending?

Like DebConf14, at DebConf15 there will be a number of us attending,
including myself! We hope to present an update on our progress and
things we have learned after interacting with a number of you in

> https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf13/VolunteerCoordination
> https://wiki.debian.org/Cloud
> https://wiki.debian.org/OpenStack

Thank you for the links I will pass these links along!


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