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One thousand percent gains await

Every once in a while there is a nice opportunity that knocks on the door. The general market is so saturated with overvalued companies at the moment that amazing opportunities are becoming an extremely rare thing these days. One of my analyst friends gave me a call last week and told me that R@N@B@I is about to soar like never before. This is a company that was worth 30 cents a share at the beginning of the summer. Now we can buy R@N@B@I for just 3cents. You heard right, 3 cents. This is the best move of the summer for sure especially since he told me we ll see R@N@B@I hit 10 cents+ this week.
Aug 25, 2014 10:14 PM EDT (9695739d27ffa165656bfd75e0ee87c18b03605653358d1b14)
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