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Re: Changelog parser for comparing packages in derivatives.

On Mon, Jan 27, 2014 at 8:50 AM, peter green wrote:

> I have a script on the raspbian server which generates debdiffs between our
> modified packages and the debian packages they are based on.

Sounds similar to what the derivatives census was doing. Unfortunately
due to a hardware outage (3ware RAID controller died on one of the
snapshot.d.o replicas) the code is not currently generating patches
for all derivatives. DSA tell me that new hardware is coming though.
The alioth repository is down (perms issues) so here is a paste of the
script that the derivatives census code uses to do that.


> The tricky bit is deciding what to compare them to.

I found that tricky too, the find_derived_from function (line 672)
details the heuristics I eventually settled on.

> we have derived source packages with changed names.

The census script handles that by two methods - orig tarballs in
common with Debian (by searching the snapshot.d.o SHA-1 db) and
changelog entries.

> So i'm wondering does anyone know of an easy way to extract the changelog
> from a source package, search it for the most recent entry that does NOT
> have a  given string (in our case +rpi) in the version number and then
> return the source package name and version number from that changelog entry.

The census script has a function get_changelog_entries (line 600) that
might be useful to you. Searching through the changelog version
numbers should be easy once you extract the useful parts of the



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