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Re: New Debian Derivative

+++ kumar shantanu [2013-09-20 14:24 +0530]:
>    Hi Paul,
>    When I say lighter I meant having less 


>    packages/services which will need
>    less resource on the system to run the OS. I may agree with your that all
>    this can be done with debianpureblends.
>    BUT what if I really want to go with a completely new branded OS ? Can you
>    guide me in that direction please.

check out dpkg-vendor for a mechanism to change arbitrary 'things'
(such as branding) within packages. Otherwise metapackages and or
debconf can be used to choose alternative packages or existing

'Branding' is actually spread over quite a few packages so there is no
one place or mechanism to change this. However it's quite a common
problem, so I assume it's relatively cleanly done and already
available in many packages.

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