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Re: Debian derivatives census: Tanglu: welcome!

On Sun, Apr 21, 2013 at 11:39 PM, Matthias Klumpp wrote:

> Hi, and sorry for the late reply and late introduction!
> I am subscribed to the -derivatives list for quite some time already,
> but I did not yet want to introduce the project, unless we have at
> least the basic work done. (This happened now)

Makes sense, thanks for being subscribed :)

> So, what is Tanglu? Tanglu is (obviously) a Linux distribution based
> on Debian Unstable...

Thanks for the introduction. It sounds a bit like aptosid and
siduction but different. Some of your ideas are ones we should
definitely add to Debian.

> @Paul: I am subscribed to the page now, all edits are right, except
> for patches.tanglu.org - but that doesn't seem to work at time anyway,

Great. I removed the patches site because it was pointing at the apt repo.

> I need to investigate that, Subscribing the planet to the planet is
> probably not the best idea long-term, but I will notify you as soon as
> there is an oficial blog. But this all depends on how successfull the
> procect will become ;-)

Planet Debian derivatives is a window into the lives of Debian
derivatives and their developers, it includes blogs and planets for
Ubuntu and the other derivatives with blogs/planets and
autodiscoverable RSS feeds for those. When you add the blog it will be
semi-automatically added.


> As for the checksums stuff: In order to properly sync with Debian, we
> need to do source-only uploads. I tested that by uploading my own
> packages (the PackageKit stuff), which I had rebuild before - so that
> is just a temporary issue. (for the spice thing, I don't know why that
> happened)

OK, thanks for the info. FYI the patches are now synced to alioth:


Here is the log file from the patch generation process:


The output of the census scripts:




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