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Re: Debian derivatives census: Tanglu: welcome!

Hi, and sorry for the late reply and late introduction!
I am subscribed to the -derivatives list for quite some time already,
but I did not yet want to introduce the project, unless we have at
least the basic work done. (This happened now)

So, what is Tanglu? Tanglu is (obviously) a Linux distribution based
on Debian Unstable. It sees itself more as an addition to Debian than
a distribution which "can do better" than the original. We want to
provide the latest upstream releases on a time-based release-cycle,
and target users of Linux-desktops, especially newbies. All changes in
Tanglu should - if possible - flow back to Debian at a later time.
Debian Developers are invited to test their packaging of the latest
upstream software on Tanglu first, if a freeze is currently going on.
By doing that, Tanglu users get recent software, while Debian gets
better-tested packages when the new release cycle starts.
Being a bit detached from Debian allows us to handle a few things
differently, e.g. Tanglu packages are maintained by teams (not
individuals), we will switch to systemd as primary init system (we
have to, anyway, since GNOME works better with it and the Linux
desktops in general benefit from it), we will make an attempt to
maintain the whole distribution in Git/SVN and build the packages
automatically from these repositories later (if we have capacities to
do that), and we will in general encourage people to experiment, as
long as there is a benefit to our users.
Decisions are made by writing spec pages in the wiki about a new
feature and assigning people responsible for implementing the spec.
(Obviously, people who volunteer for that) If a proposal is accepted
or not is decided at the beginning of a cycle on a public IRC meeting,
if no consensus is reached, we will do a vote.
This is very similar to what Fedora does.

The basic idea of Tanglu can be summarized as a community-maintained
Ubuntu with close connection to Debian. (but I don't like Tanglu to be
defined through Ubuntu, as we are an own project)

@Paul: I am subscribed to the page now, all edits are right, except
for patches.tanglu.org - but that doesn't seem to work at time anyway,
I need to investigate that, Subscribing the planet to the planet is
probably not the best idea long-term, but I will notify you as soon as
there is an oficial blog. But this all depends on how successfull the
procect will become ;-)

The binary/source diff is very useful! It doesn't look like there is
anything important missing, some of the packages listed are
arch-specific, and the LibreOffice parts might be missing because the
archive transitioned to LibreOffice 4 just a few hours ago. Also,
there are a few packages blocked from being synced, this list needs to
be re-checked later in time.
We used dak and the import function of dak to import the original
archive copy and for bootstrappig Tanglu - there were a few issues
while importing the stuff, because some very old packages in Debian
had missing checksums. But this will all be sorted out. Keep in mind
that Tanglu is just about a month old ;-)

As for the checksums stuff: In order to properly sync with Debian, we
need to do source-only uploads. I tested that by uploading my own
packages (the PackageKit stuff), which I had rebuild before - so that
is just a temporary issue. (for the spice thing, I don't know why that

If anyone on this list has further questions, please ask!
Kind regards,
    Matthias Klumpp

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