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Re: [sprezzos-dev] Re: Debian derivatives census: SprezzOS: zfs-linux: failure to apply patches

Nick Black left as an exercise for the reader:
> Nick Black left as an exercise for the reader:
> > On it; this was one of my very first packaging efforts, and needs an
> > overhaul. I can't pull it down without breaking certain cases of our
> > installer, but will have at least a properly-patched one up by tonight.
> > Thanks for the heads up! Sorry for the delay in response.
> The new package is believed to fix this issue:
>  [skynet](1) $ dget -qxu http://www.sprezzatech.com/apt/pool/main/z/zfs-linux/zfs-linux_0.6.0.91~rc14-SprezzOS1.dsc
>  dpkg-source: info: extracting zfs-linux in zfs-linux-
>  dpkg-source: info: unpacking zfs-linux_0.6.0.91~rc14.orig.tar.xz
>  dpkg-source: info: unpacking zfs-linux_0.6.0.91~rc14-SprezzOS1.debian.tar.gz
>  [skynet](0) $ 

So, I've figured out how this situation (double-patched source file) occurs:

 - debuild fails on package after applying patch A to file F to get F'
 - i go in to fix it, creating patch B to patched file F' to get F''
 - i stash the patch, and add it to the quilt series file
 - package now builds with debuild

I can see how there would be a problem building from source if there was no
known ordering to the patches, and thus B was applied to F rather than F'.
So far as I understand, however, quilt applies patches serially from the
series file (hence the name). Thus there is a well-defined ordering, and
B ought always be applied following A.

So far as I can tell, so long as a patch ordering is provided, there's
really no problem whatsoever with this. Indeed, debuild appears to work on
exactly this basis -- otherwise, step 4 above would fail. That debuild
successfully builds from debian/ + unpacked tarball is the entire reason why
SprezzOS has source packages which blow up the Derivatives Census.

Paul: Why doesn't this suffice for your package building methodology? What
	am I missing here?

Thanks! --nick

nick black     http://www.sprezzatech.com -- unix and hpc consulting
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