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Re: automated tests or builds for d-i

Hi Martin,

thanks for these infos and sorry that it took me so long to get back to 

On Sonntag, 4. November 2012, Martin Pitt wrote:
[packages with autopkg-tests]
> Indeed, our goal is to get a lot more of them. We currently have some
> 20 [1], but at the last UDS we had a little competition which got us
> another 11 [2], which we'll upload and forward to Debian in the next
> days.


> Our scripts for creating VMs, running the tests in those, and the
> Jenkins integration are in "bzr branch lp:auto-package-testing", which
> you can browse at [3]. In the doc/ directory there is documentation
> how the Jenkins integration works. I can't say much about it I'm
> afraid, as I have never touched a Jenkins job so far; this has been
> created by Jean-Baptiste Lallement (in CC:); he's on holiday for the
> next week, though.

thanks, noted in TODO in git for when I (or others) have time to work on this.

> Please let me know if this is useful. I can poke at the jobs in our
> actual Jenkins instance (jenkins.qa.u.c. is just a readonly public
> mirror) if you need to know something specific, but we try to avoid
> having any manual job configuration; these are all autogenerated
> through scripts through python-jenkins.

Do you think you could install the "Read-only configurations" plugins on that 
jenkins instance? That would be really useful! :-)


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