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Re: automated tests or builds for d-i

On Sun, Nov 04, 2012 at 02:00:06PM +0100, Holger Levsen wrote:
> <h01ger> so http://jenkins.debian.net is setup up now, with autogenerated jobs 
> and mostly doing installation tests in chroots at the moment. (*)

Ooooooooh, awesome! Thanks!

>  so i'm wondering what i can run there to test d-i development. i do plan to 
> installs of various cd media and to do installs in various languages (+other 
> task testing), but for that i will first need to write code to to fire up VM 
> instances and delete them again... 
> so i'm lucking for an easier target first: automatic d-i-manual builds 
> triggered on every commit to svn trunk? would that be useful?
> what about package builds?
> anything other ideas?

autopkgtest runs come to mind, as we don't have yet a test runner
running the actual tests. And without it, it's hard to motivate people
to actually develop more autopkgtest tests.

AFAIK in Ubuntu they've glue code that hooks autopkgtest tests into
jenkins. I don't know where the code is or how Ubuntu-specific it is,
but it is worth investigating. It'd be awesome to make it as
distro-agnostic as possible, enabling all derivatives to run their own
autopkgtest tests: it'd be a nice way to spot regressions introduced by
distro-specific patches and more.

I'm copying two of the people that I think have worked on this for
Ubuntu (Colin and Martin), hoping they can provide some guidance or
simply pointers to the code they're using.


> *) code is in a personal git repo on alioth, more documentation pending. this 
> is the doc there is so far: http://jenkins.debian.net/userContent/about.html

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