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Extremadura & Debian

hi folks

I'm writing to get your opinion on Linex distribution, is now CENATIC entity will be in charge of distribution and has decided to invest some money in reviewing the code and that is the community that deal to keep from now

http://www.cenatic.es/hemeroteca-de-cenatic/2-cenatic-en-la-red/40094-linex-sera-desarrollado-completamente-en-abierto (spanish only )

the latest version is based on Debian Squeeze 6.0.3 of the matter is that there are various opinions, some say it's best to keep that version, I think it is best that you upgrade to the current version of Debian to make it easier alone is updated from now.

I'd like to have your opinion, and as technical advisor on what is the best choice, if you keep version 6.0.3 or upgrade to new Weezy, your opinion would be very important..

thank you very much


Anto Recio
Social Innovation Area
Edificio Embarcadero,Santa Cristina s/n Aldea Moret
10004 Cáceres
Tel.: +34 924 014 600

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