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Re: Debian derivatives census: dpkg vendor information

On 10/26/2012 01:09 AM, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
>> Is there a reason this must be done in base-files?  Finnix currently
>> does not patch base-files, and I'd rather not unless necessary.
>> Currently I have a package, finnix-release, which sets /etc/lsb-release
>> and uses that for other Finnix-specific identification within the OS.
>> I'd like to add /etc/dpkg/origins/finnix to finnix-release, then change
>> the /etc/dpkg/origins/default symlink to finnix in the postinst, which
>> should not step on the back-files package itself (since the symlink is
>> done there at postinst time as well).
> Yeah, this should be fine as well. But note that you probably also want to
> update /etc/os-release which is also handled by base-files which is the
> cross-distro-systemd-mandated file for that kind of information.
> I have a couple of bugs open against base-files to use something similar
> though so that we would provide /etc/os-release.d/debian and
> /etc/os-release would be just a symlink set by the postinst.

Excellent.  In the meantime, I've updated finnix-release for the next
release[0].  It now does:

1. /etc/lsb-release is the canonical source of the release information
in the package that is updated for releases, since it was first in my case.
2. In debian/rules, a script (debian/build-os-release) reads in
lsb-release and builds an equivalent /etc/os-release.finnix
3. postinst/postrm take care of diverting base-files /etc/os-release out
of the way and using /etc/os-release.finnix instead
4. /etc/dpkg/origins/finnix is shipped in the package, and postinst
symlinks it to /etc/dpkg/origins/default.

For other derivatives going this route, #1 and #2 can be logically
reversed if you want; I simply chose lsb-release as the canonical source
since Finnix already had LSB support.

If you'd like to take a look, apt-get source finnix-release from
"deb-src http://archive.finnix.org/finnix unstable main".


[0] Well, next-next release technically.  Finnix 106 has been frozen and
will be released soon, so I've opened up 107 dev.

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