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tips on the current rendering stack

if you're looking to ship compiz 0.9.8, you'll need a current, working
pangocairo (an output of pango). this was kind of a tremendous pain in the
ass, so let me hopefully save folks some time. you can see the dependency
chain here: https://www.sprezzatech.com/bugs/showdependencytree.cgi?id=421

 - cairo itself doesn't link harfbuzz, and is up to date in unstable. yay!
 - glib 2.33, a real glib 2.33 and not glib 2.33-but-actually-glib-2.32.
 - with this, you can build harfbuzz.
 - you'll need 2.10 freetype and fontconfig, i *think*. i already had 2.10
    due to the infinality patches, and haven't tested with 2.9.
 - rebuild pango against these three. i've also updated gdk-pixman, but
    don't think that's necessary.

at this point you're shipping a working pangocairo with sexy harfbuzz text

the majority of unclean patches along this path had been taken in upstream,
and were simply purged.

i'm not sure how harfbuzz will affect the infinality patchset, but most of
you aren't using infinality afaik and thus probably don't care.

hack on!

nick black     http://www.sprezzatech.com -- unix and hpc consulting
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