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Re: Ubuntu Bug Fixing Initiatives


On 30.09.2012 10:28, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
>> We experimented with something like 'bitesize' tasks before. We even
>> created a small tool to tag bugs we came across which seemed easy
>> enough, with the tag 'bitesize', subscribe ourselves to them (to be able
>> to offer help) and add a small help text as a comment. My gut feeling is
>> that nobody used it because like Karl mentioned: even with that small
>> tool, to the regular maintainer/engineer it felt like too much work to
>> identify (even if part of the regular bug work), help, review and sponsor.
> Fair enough, thanks for sharing this experience.

Still I'll try to document what constitutes a 'bitesize' bug and remind
everyone of the importance of tagging bugs if they come across them.
I'll report back how it goes.

> I think the interest is there, at least mine :) The big question is how
> to turn it into increased participation in your initiatives. If you've
> periodic calls for online meetings to squash some, we can try to
> coordinate --- it's not clear to me, at present, what would be the best
> Debian venue to announce that, but we can figure something out.

The most important thing will probably be to pick identify a set of
problems we want to focus on. Be it specific lintian tags we deem
important enough or maybe certain bug queries ('typo', 'fixed upstream',
etc.) we'd like to get attention on.

In the past few weeks for trying it out, we picked a number of
Ubuntu-only packages with certain simple to fix lintian tags and got
quite good results. Sharing via social media might work best.

If we could figure out a set of lists of issues, bring them into a kind
of 'progression' (in terms of necessary skills) and do a shared call for
participation I'm sure that with just a little bit of planning, this
could turn into a great success.

Next cycle, I'll try to see if Harvest (harvest.ubuntu.com, lp:harvest)
would help us organise things like this more easily.

Have a great day,

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