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Ubuntu Bug Fixing Initiatives

Hello everybody,

in Ubuntu we recently started some Bug Fixing initiatives, where we
tried to single out a number of bugs which are suitable for new
contributors who are interested in giving back, but don't quite yet know
where to start.

Two examples of this were the spelling-error-in-description or
debhelper-but-no-misc-depends lintian tags which are very
straight-forward and both don't require a huge amount of expertise.

We also pointed out other tasks for more experienced developers. You can
see the recent list here:


As you can see on the page we are very much interested in new
contributors learning from early on how to find out if the issue is
present in Debian too, and if it is to forward the patch there.

The main goal of this is to answer the question "I read the docs, what
can I do now?" once and for all and to provide very new contributors
with a nice experience of getting their contribution included.

I was wondering if there was any feedback on the general idea or
implementation of the initiatives and if there were any specific work
items you would like us to guide new contributors (depending on their
skill level) to.

I'm grateful for any kind of feedback you have. Thanks a lot in advance.

Have a great day,

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