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Re: the ultimedia gnu/linux project

On Mon, Jun 25, 2012 at 1:22 AM, Markus Niewerth wrote:

> this is my first email to this list and i want to introduce myself and
> my project which an old friend of mine and im working on since some
> years.

Welcome to the list and thanks for your intro!

> To my person: my name is Markus Niewerth and im from germany.

Next year the Debian conference will be in Switzerland, you might want
to attend:


> We aim to provide 100% Debian compliant packages.

You will want to look at lintian and debian-policy and perhaps some of
our other QA guides:


> Ultimedia GNU/Linux aims to be full redistributable and to provide the
> best multimedia integration for modern and also older hardware without
> all those bugging features, if it comes to GUI improvements like for
> instance Unity. Ultimedia also aims to be a totally uncomercial project,
> this means that Ultimedia will never be backed by a company, it is
> backed by the linux community and users and is just a brand you may
> later pay attention to.

You might want to join the Debian multimedia team:


> Now im patiently looking forward to join the Ultimedia derivate on the
> Debian Census. Also im seeking for some cooperations between other
> derivates, just sharing of informations would be great. We are all in
> the same boat :)

Joining the census is pretty simple.

First create a new wiki account:


Then put "UltimediaOS" in the form at the top of this page:




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