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the ultimedia gnu/linux project

Hello List-users,

this is my first email to this list and i want to introduce myself and
my project which an old friend of mine and im working on since some

To my person: my name is Markus Niewerth and im from germany. Im in love
with computers since a loooong time and i dont want to profilate myself
about that, cause we all have our backgrounds and some of us may have
bigger then others. So i see myself as an ant which works more for the
debian project as the derivate itself cause it allways reflects the work
of many users which have made they packages public thru the debian

Today i changed the introduction page of our project, which reflects the
intentions why Ultimedia Linux exists. So im using it here, to introduce
the project as well. I changed the introduction nearly thousands time
during the last years, but you know how it is, one thing comes to
another and nothing comes from itself.

About the Ultimedia Linux project: www.ultimedia-linux.org

Ultimedia GNU/Linux is a full Debian derivate and therefore also full
open source. The first version of Ultimedia Linux was forked from the
Debian 6.0.1 (Squeeze) release. The primary architecture focuses on i386
and 64bit architectures and currently just a limited set of distributed
packages. We aim to provide 100% Debian compliant packages.

Ultimedia GNU/Linux aims to be full redistributable and to provide the
best multimedia integration for modern and also older hardware without
all those bugging features, if it comes to GUI improvements like for
instance Unity. Ultimedia also aims to be a totally uncomercial project,
this means that Ultimedia will never be backed by a company, it is
backed by the linux community and users and is just a brand you may
later pay attention to.

Something about the history

The first goal of UltimediaOS was to improve embedded architectures for
a multimedia managment system, which brought up the question to
distribute Linux sources as well. Ultimedia Linux was first builded like
a simple LFS Linux and we implemented the DPKG and APT package to
install only modified binary packages. A main problem was the leaking
distribution of sources, which was impossible in the LFS environement
without unmodified Debian buildtools, but this would reinvent the wheel
totally. So the project aims and concepts changed. After many experience
times with the LFS Linux and Debian, it was a descision to start forking
the Debian distribution, which provides all needed features the
Ultimedia project aims on. Many reasons make Debian the prefered
operating system for the Ultimedia project. One of them is the wide
range and itegrity of distributed software packages and also the wide
and open community of Debian users and developers. 

Now im patiently looking forward to join the Ultimedia derivate on the
Debian Census. Also im seeking for some cooperations between other
derivates, just sharing of informations would be great. We are all in
the same boat :)

in this sense... i wish you all time the best

Markus Niewerth <mniewerth@ultimediaos.com>
Ultimedia GNU/Linux

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