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Re: Canaima Derivative


I forgot the references.


On 08/01/12 12:42, Luis Alejandro Martinez Faneyth wrote:
> On 07/01/12 23:09, Paul Wise wrote:
>> On Sun, Jan 8, 2012 at 11:37 AM, Paul Wise wrote:
>>> At the very least this means you are violating
>>> copyright law due to dpkg, apt and other Debian-specific software
>>> being licensed under the GNU General Public License, which is a
>>> copyleft license that requires distribution of source code.
>> This appears to be incorrect (Canaima does not seem to be distributing
>> apt/dpkg), I apologise profusely for incorrectly claiming this.
> Well, we do distribute apt/dpkg, only that we do not modify it.
> We have three great groups of packages in Canaima:
> (1) Unmodified packages from Debian (the major part of Canaima's
> packages): these are served to our users through a local Debian mirror
> [1] that includes all branches, i386, amd64 and it's sources.
> (2) Modified packages from Debian: these are the minimal required for
> the identification of the distribution (lsb, base-files, python-apt,
> update-manager, desktop-base), all of this done through quilt patches
> (sources are 3.0 quilt). These are served in a separate repository[2].
> (3) New packages from Canaima: these are the metapackages and packages
> that give structure to the dependency tree, as well as the visual style,
> some rebranded packages, development tools, support tools, and other
> interesting packages that we are trying to get in shape for uploading to
> Debian. These are served in a separate repository[2].
> So, concluding: We base Canaima development in a "layer model", having
> group (1) in the "Debian Layer" and groups (2) & (3) in the "Canaima
> Layer", both layers interacting through apt-pinning and sources.list.
> We distribute all the sources for group (1) in the mirror, but for
> groups (2) and (3) we only distribute the sources for Canaima 3.1, as i
> explained in a previous mail.
> Don't worry, we need as much feedback from you as possible.
> Thank you.
>>> I am extremely concerned that Canaima is not distributing source code
>>> for some of the suites.
>> This is still true.

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