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Re: Canaima Derivative

On 07/01/12 23:09, Paul Wise wrote:
> On Sun, Jan 8, 2012 at 11:37 AM, Paul Wise wrote:
>> At the very least this means you are violating
>> copyright law due to dpkg, apt and other Debian-specific software
>> being licensed under the GNU General Public License, which is a
>> copyleft license that requires distribution of source code.
> This appears to be incorrect (Canaima does not seem to be distributing
> apt/dpkg), I apologise profusely for incorrectly claiming this.

Well, we do distribute apt/dpkg, only that we do not modify it.

We have three great groups of packages in Canaima:

(1) Unmodified packages from Debian (the major part of Canaima's
packages): these are served to our users through a local Debian mirror
[1] that includes all branches, i386, amd64 and it's sources.

(2) Modified packages from Debian: these are the minimal required for
the identification of the distribution (lsb, base-files, python-apt,
update-manager, desktop-base), all of this done through quilt patches
(sources are 3.0 quilt). These are served in a separate repository[2].

(3) New packages from Canaima: these are the metapackages and packages
that give structure to the dependency tree, as well as the visual style,
some rebranded packages, development tools, support tools, and other
interesting packages that we are trying to get in shape for uploading to
Debian. These are served in a separate repository[2].

So, concluding: We base Canaima development in a "layer model", having
group (1) in the "Debian Layer" and groups (2) & (3) in the "Canaima
Layer", both layers interacting through apt-pinning and sources.list.

We distribute all the sources for group (1) in the mirror, but for
groups (2) and (3) we only distribute the sources for Canaima 3.1, as i
explained in a previous mail.

Don't worry, we need as much feedback from you as possible.

Thank you.

>> I am extremely concerned that Canaima is not distributing source code
>> for some of the suites.
> This is still true.

Luis Alejandro Martínez Faneyth
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