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Announcing new Distribution

Hi list,
I would like to add a link to a blogpost i wrote at the time of forking aptosid. http://siduction.org/index.php?module=news&func=display&sid=35 might explain a bit more why we forked.
Right after my first announcement mail, someone on #debian-derivatives asked the inevitable question: "Why can't all this be done inside Debian?"
It's a valid question and i fully understand the intention behind it. Let me try to explain why we decided to do this outside of official Debian.

First of all, noone in the siduction team at this moment has any official ties to Debian, e.g. is a DD or wears any other official hat. This fact would make any action inside debian a bit cumbersome. Like i stated in my announcement, we do not object to becoming proper members of debian, and one or 2 of us probably will in the near future, but at the moment we are not.

Besides the official Debian Unstable repository we will foster a small repository of our own within siduction, that will hold, besides our kernel, a small number of packages that are not yet in Debian, plus, at some points in time, probably some packages broken in Debian Unstable, that we fixed for our users, if there is no timely bugfix in Debian and the packages are essential to our users.

I know there is plans for Debian Rolling and/or CUT, which will both be based on Debian Testing. We much prefer to work with Unstable rather then Testing. From our expirience over the years we find it to be easier to handle all over. If there had been plans to base Rolling on Unstable, we might have thought twice, if we should not jump that train.

At the end of the day, these facts would rather hinder than help Debian, which is not what we want. I think we can coexist in a friendly way beside Debian and probably have more in common than just sharing exhibition-booths, as we did up to now.


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