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Announcing new Distribution

Hi List,
this might not be the usual way to go about letting derivatives frontdesk know about a new distribution, that wants to join forces. The reason for that is, that the respective distribution i will speak of is still in the making, even rather quite immaterial at this point in time.

We are former developers and users from unstable-based derivate 'aptosid'. Being unsatisfied with how things evolved there, we felt it was high time to fork aptosid to do things in a way we find more adequate for a debian derivative.
We just started out some weeks ago, setting up teams, infrastructure and defining release goals. We even have a name. The new distribution will be named 'siduction', with a planned edu-branch called 'siducation'. As the names hint, the distribution will be based on Debian Sid.

We want to stay as close to Debian as possible while still persuing our goal to provide a desktop experience for already a bit advanced users and tech-savy users that want to take time and have interest to understand and master their OS.

Where we are close to Debian:

• 99.9% of shipped software will be, unaltered, from Debian Unstable repository
• A bugtracker will collect bugs, that we will forward to Debian or the respective upstreams
• We will try to push our own packages into Debian
• One or 2 of our devs might want to become DDs over time
• We are a Community-OS for the needs of our users, as defined in the Debian Social Contract, #4

Where we differ from Debian:

• We will ship our own kernel, closely tracking vanilla kernels, patched by us for best experience with latest hardware in general and latest wifi-chips
• We will have a small repository for the few of our packages and for packages broken in Unstable, that we fix for our users
• We are developing an installer that suits our needs

Why are we posting this now, when we are still at the beginning of setting up siduction and a first release is months away?
Well, the idea is that there might be things where both projects can collaborate on. If so, it might be easier to so now rather then when structures are all set up.

with free and open greetings:
on behalf of the siduction team
Ferdinand Thommes (devil)

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