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Re: Backend Tools and Infrastructure for DEX - Report 3

On Thu, Jul 7, 2011 at 2:52 AM, Paul Wise <pabs@debian.org> wrote:
> Thanks for the report.

Hello Paul,

Thank you very much for the feedback.

> I get an internal server error when editing an assignee or note.

I can reproduce this issue. Without having access to the logs on
alioth, my guess is that this is a permission issue. The cgi-script
attempts to write to several files when the form is submitted. I have
to figure out a way to set this up. Since I am not a superuser and not
in www-data, I have no way to change the group on the files. This
means that I might need to allow anyone to write to them (which won't
be the end of the world, since anything important will eventually end
up getting stored in a VCS). I do my testing on my local machine, so
that is why I missed that it was not working on alioth. I'll try and
resolve this soon.

> Current issues I see with the graphs:
> They look stretched/squashed and slightly blurry.

This is probably due to the way they are getting scaled. If you click
on the image, you will be presented with a full-size version that
should not be stretched. I'll try and generate the image in a
different format that should fix this issue. If not, I'll simply
generate images of the appropriate size.

> There is a black line on the right.

I assume you are talking about the second vertical axis. It is also
worth noting that there is a second horizontal axis at the top. I'm
still searching for a way to hide them, but they will be gone by the
end of the project.

> I recently saw the Ubuntu/Linaro burndown graphs, I think they look
> great and that we should take some inspiration from them.
> http://status.linaro.org/
> http://status.ubuntu.com/

I agree that they are much more visually attractive than what we
currently have. We discussed the burndown graphs earlier in the
summer. The graphs are based on the idea that there are 6 months (the
span of an Ubuntu release cycle) to get all workitems (stored in
blueprints on Launchpad) completed. Essentially, we felt that it would
be overkill to try and use the burndown scripts for the dashboard.
However, this does not mean that people who are more creative and
artistic than me are not welcome to help make the graphs look more

> Hmm, I wonder if it is possible to use a nicer URL scheme, like
> /distros/ubuntu/ancient-patches or similar?

I can think of two ways to accomplish that. The first is to use some
of Apache's URL rewriting to change a URL like
/distros/ubuntu/ancient-patches to
dex.html?dist=ubuntu&project=ancient-patches. The second would involve
generating separate tables for each project and then having a basic
index page that links to all of them. The second approach would mean
that the select boxes would no longer be needed (as there wouldn't
just be a single dex.html that updates to display the correct
project), and it would make the dashboard function a bit better
without javascript. Since most people will only be interested in a
single project at a time, this shouldn't be that big of an issue.

> The wideness is quite annoying, perhaps it can be dynamically computed?

I have been researching this issue for quite some time. The issue
started when I modified cells on the table to be text inputs. Text
inputs, by default, are relatively small, and they caused some of the
text displayed within them to be cut-off. They have a 'size' attribute
that is meant to specify the number of characters that should be
visible in the box. I have the script setting the size attribute for
each box to the number of characters in the string being displayed.
For some reason, this caused very large text boxes (much larger than
the text) to be displayed. My guess is it has something to do with the
tiny punctuation, but I have been unable to confirm or fix it. Since
HTML tables resize their columns to fit the content of the widest
cell, the result is a very wide table. As a temporary solution, I will
probably set the background of the text inputs to a visible color (so
it is clear that they are text inputs) and remove the size input. The
result should be a small table with text getting cut-off. I am open to
any other ideas/suggestions to this problem.

> Do you plan for the ability to dynamically add projects and distros by users?

Just the other day, I spent some time drafting some documentation [1]
for the dashboard. One item explains the 2 supported methods for
adding a new project. Allison Randal was able to use the usertag
method (explained in the doc) to add the python2.7 project (I didn't
touch anything). Hopefully, this documentation proves useful.


[1] http://dex.alioth.debian.org/gsoc2011/docs/FAQ

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